About Us

Madi has had an interest in horses since she was just a young girl that grew (and still grows) by the day! She had always wanted a horse of her own but settled for weekly riding lessons at the age of 7 where she started out riding on old off the track thoroughbred and the love for this breed started then. 

Madi got her first horse at the age of 13 which was a very green 5 year old off the track named Zulu and they were unstoppable (literally). Madi thought she was an experienced rider through years of lessons on school horses but Zulu gave her a reality check and made her realise there much more to horses than sitting on a schoolmaster going in circles under a teachers instruction. 4 years later, Madi and Zulu had accomplished everything she could have dreamt of from 120cm show jumping, to novice dressage, to Sydney Royal hacking to 2* eventing and just about everything in between. She knew from then on out that she wanted to build her life surrounding this magnificent breed.

Over 12 years later since her very first lesson, Madi established her very own thoroughbred retraining and rehabilitation program to give every single horse that comes off the track and into her care, the very best chance at life after racing. These horses perform their hearts out when on the race track for human entertainment and money so Madi knew it was only fair to give back to this awesome breed and not let them down.

And that's where we're at today! MH Performance Equine Services aims at finding the perfect forever homes for all the thoroughbreds who come through our training by matching them with their perfect human partner. From eventers, to show horses, to cattle horses, we have had just about everything come through our care and now in the loving homes of their special riders! Thoroughbreds have much more use after they come off the track and their life and talent certainly does not stop there and all our horses will show you that. 

Zulu - The horse that started it all

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