Warlock aka 'EBL Warlock'


Warlock is a 8yo 15.3hh pinto Warmblood x Arabian by the famous imported Pinto Warmblood Stallion, 'Whats Colour (IMP)' out of a 50/50 Arabian Warmblood Mare, making him approximately 26% Arabian, 74% Warmblood.


Warlock was born in the Hunter Valley region of NSW at E.B. Lodge before heading to Cherokee Lodge Stud in southern WA just after weaning to become a show prospect in hand and under saddle. Warlock was very successful as a led show horse in WA in Arabian Derviative, Warmblood and Pinto classes before commencing his even more successful career under saddle, also winning very prestigious awards across his breed/colour classes up to state level. Warlock was then regretfully put up for sale and headed to Darkes Forest in NSW after being gelded and started his new life as a fun mount for his 13 year old daughter and the next part is where I come in.

I was about 2 months out from starting my year 12 HSC and decided that I needed to focus on my studies and have a short break from horses, and then commence riding again after the study and exam period. I was at my trainer's property one day and he had a horse in training which I didn't get to see but he was described as a Pinto Arabian Warmblood from E.B. Lodge and I jokingly said to my trainer "Want to buy him for me, you literally just explained my dream horse" to which we both laughed as he would likely be much out of my 'poor high-schooler's budget' and continued on with another conversation. A month passed and I just couldn't shake the thought of this horse off my mind so I just decided to give my trainer a call and ask if this horse was still in training. Sadly the horse had left his stables only a couple of days after he was mentioned and he had no idea where he was now but gave me the number of the lady who owned him at the time of training. I had the number saved in my phone for about 48 hours, nervous, excited and curious to press the call button and talk to the lady on the other end of the phone who owned my potential dream horse. I finally gave her a call and we spoke for a while, discovering that he was by Whats Colour (IMP) who is my all time favourite stallion, so as you can imagine, my excitement and curiosity increased and my dream horse became even more perfect. I asked the gut wrenching question of if she would consider selling him and if so, for how much, and her response of yes lifted my stomach up to my chest but her response of the price dropped it back down and I was heart broken. My dream horse was now out of my reach but I still felt like I couldn't give up and boy I'm glad I didn't!


Before the phone call, I hadn't even seen a photo or video of this boy so decided I'd be a typical teenage girl and do a Facebook and Google stalk. What I saw next, confirmed my not only want, but NEED to own this horse. I decided to call the lady again, telling her this time that I am interested to come meet Warlock and asked where he was located, and once again, fate told me that I just couldn't give up as he was figuratively and literally just within my reach, being just 30 minutes away. On the 1st of August 2018, I headed down to Darkes Forest, with butterflies in my stomach the whole way as I was getting closer and closer to meeting my dream horse. I arrived there and saw him standing in the arena, fluffy, fat and out of work but there was something about him that I just can't describe, that was so special underneath that winter scruff. I rode him around the arena and although he was out of work and we didn't do anything too special or fancy, I said to myself, "I need this horse, no matter how hard I have to work to get him". 

On the 1st of September is the anniversary of Warlock and I, I finally owned the horse of my dreams, he was ALL MINE. Warlock arrived at my agistment in Kurnell NSW and I couldn't help myself but to ride him straight away, he was a dream come true. All my stars aligned when it came to this horse, how often does the horse with the exact colour, height, breed, training and bloodlines all get packed into one horse which lives 30 minutes away from you and is negotiated down into your budget, present itself in front of you? Almost Never.

It's now been just under 2 years since I first got Warlock and seeing him, doesn't get any less exciting as time goes on. He is still everything I've ever wanted plus more and gets even better by the day as his training goes on. Warlock had never jumped before coming to me or completed a dressage test and within the first 6 months of owning him, he was jumping 1.20m, scoring over 70% in Novice dressage, schooling up to 2* cross country and coming out undefeated under saddle when showing. 2018 and 2019 was a year of endless achievements for us and even though 2020 got off to a rough start for everyone, we hope to qualify for the next possibly Sydney Royals for showing, step up to compete in 1* eventing, compete 1.20m and successfully achieve high scores in Elementary dressage tests by the end of 2020. 

This horse has my heart and will never be for sale and will live out the rest of his life with me. He is my heart horse and always will be, forever being as special as he was to me from day one and still gives me the butterflies I got during the whole pre-sale process. I will never forget how the stars perfectly aligned to allow me to be lucky enough to own this beauty and will never stop being grateful for this. Right from the moment the one simple descriptive sentence "Pinto Arabian Warmblood from EB Lodge" right up until the today and every day moving forward, this horse will be the horse of my dreams and I was so lucky to have found this at just 17.

The first photos are of his show career in WA that I found during my Facebook and Google search, followed by the fluffy and fat horse I saw on the 1st of August and then photos of our everyday rides, achievements and endless great moments in chronological order.